Dyson turned vacuum cleaners into a status symbol. A Maserati in your garage, a holiday house at Ibiza and being stalked by paparazzi means little unless you also have a Dyson in your laundry. Cleaners arriving on the job are delighted to find they’ll be vacuuming with a Dyson – but not if they have a different brand with a sneeze-inducing dust bag.

You know you’ve made it when your last name is used as a noun.  Englishman, James Dyson, developed the cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner after he became frustrated by his old vacuum cleaner losing power when its dust bag became clogged. But it was far from a fast ride to fame and fortune. Dyson spent 5 years and created a staggering 5,217 prototypes before his invention hit the market.

We all talk about Dyson vacuum cleaners, but there are also Dyson hand dryers, fans and even hair dryers and lighting. So it could be time to expand your Dyson range, and really hit big celebrity status.