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    • How can your company get involved with ReviewTube
      ReviewTube offers your company many unique opportunities to reach Australian customers. 

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      ReviewTube offers traditional advertising options in premium locations on our homepage.

      Brand page content

      Today's customers seek a deeper connection with the product and services they buy. They are challenging brand owners to disclose factual information about their companies, such as: who started the brand, where manufacturing takes place and and what sustainable practices they adopt as a company. ReviewTube has responded to customer needs by creating company brand-pages connected to all product/service review videos. We offer company brand owners a unique opportunity to update and improve specific company content featured in our brand-pages, including uploading of company videos.

      Provide content creators with free products to review

      Product review videos featuring on ReviewTube must be honest and genuine. Our guidelines prevent businesses from uploading advertisement type review videos. This does not prevent businesses from providing content creators with free products to review. Contact us about connecting your product/service with a content creator or influencer.  
    • How to upload a product review video

      Before uploading a video

      Read our guidelines.  Videos you intend to post to our site must be genuine and honest reviews of products and services available in Australia. Carefully read our guidelines. Make sure the product being reviewed is avaiable in Australia, and that the video review is factual and to the point. Become a member.  You will need to join ReviewTube to upload videos. This will give you permission to start posting your chosen video. A benefit of being a member is that you can also provide comments/feedback on product review videos and company brands. Video format. Our site can only upload and embed links of videos hosted on YouTube. Our site does not host product review videos.

      How to upload to ReviewTube

      Copy the video link. Select a product review video that meets our guidelines. Make sure that video is hosted on YouTube. Copy the video link. To find the link all you need to do is click on the share video button positioned under video. Visit our Learning Centre for more information about copying links. Paste the video link to ReviewTube.  Go to the Video Upload button and paste the link into the form. Remember to add Product Description and to select the applicable Brand Name and relevant Product Category. If a Brand Name is not available to select, you can still upload your video without selecting a brand name. All videos you upload will be approved by ReviewTube before they are published. We reserve the right to reassign or amend your upload classification to ensure content is searchable and relevant for customers.      
    • How to search for a product review or brand
      The product and brand content featuring on our site is absolutely free.

      You can search content in the following ways:

      Main navigation menu. The main navigation menu has drop-downs for both product and brand videos. Search bar. The Search bar allows you to search by product or brand. Guide. The Guide (top left corner of homepage) when opened allows you to search reviews by relevant product categories.  
    • Site issues or feedback
      We appreciate all feedback about our site. Site performance or account issues.  Provide us with screenshots and as much detail as possible concerning the issues you are experiencing. Copyright or privacy issues.  If you feel that your copyright or privacy has been infringed please let us know. Keep in mind that our site embeds links of videos hosted by 3rd party platform YouTube. If you are unhappy with a video featuring on our site, firstly explore options provided by the hosting entity. Breach of our guidelines. The content featuring on our site must comply with our stated guidelines. Please let us know if you feel that a video featuring on our site is not appropriate and we will investigate. We endeavour to respond to all feedback and manage our time efficiently.. In most cases we will actually try address your issue (if possible) well before we formally respond back to you. If you do not hear from us, please check to see if your issue has been resolved. Thank you for making our site great.  

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